Acoustics according to your needs

Acoustics according to your needs.Acoustics and vibration engineering are our passion. Your trust and loyalty are what drive us.

As a reliable and innovative partner ready to adapt to the contract at hand, we offer development and construction of test benches, metrological analysis and conceptional dimensioning of systems and components, all from one source. Our business success rests on long-term investment, first-class test engineering, and our employees’ well-established technical training. We aim to expand our range of services through strategic partnerships.


We’re looking for

vehicle mechanics/mechatronic technicians, industrial mechanics/steel construction fitters

Patented one-point bonding

Bonding exclusively over front towing lugs, integrated tensile force measuring for the simplest possible and reproducible mounting

Insulation box

A custom-developed and manufactured insulation box with especially large dimensions (possible to clamp entire vehicle front walls) and very low limit frequency has recently become available to us. A flexibly malleable cover with clamp mountings allows for the most diverse mounting variants and test object geometries. Perfectly designed for measuring intensity for acoustic field mapping and for determining material properties in relation to acoustic damping.

Tank spill test bench

Built with possibility for modification, this is our newly developed tank spill test bench, from our special line of test benches, possible to generate the majority of vehicle tanks on the market today and measure tank spill phenomena. Based on many series of tests, we already have at our disposal excellent knowledge of boundary conditions, analysis and evaluation methods, and continual improvement potential.

ForceRig test bench

With the newest version of our ForceRig – components test bench, from our special line of test benches, we’re able to complete more exact analyses of vehicle components. We enable direct force measurement at all points of attachment on vehicle and body. The results can be used as a foundation for direct system development and validation of simulation models, or as excitation data for rolling noise TPAs.


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